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About the Raven Pub


The first neighbourhood pub to be established in BC, the Raven is approaching 40 years of hospitality to the Deep Cove community.  The Crawford family has owned the Raven since the year 2000 – over 17 years.  

One of the first things we noticed when we came to the Raven is how proud the community is of where we live, and how long many families (generations sometimes) have been here.  For us, we have been blessed with a wonderful community in which to do business, a favoured location and a high quality clientele.  “In the blood”, “under the skin”, “love the Raven”, “found love at The Raven”, “love that server xxxxx” … , “love your pizzas” – affectionate descriptions like these come up often.  Indeed, The Raven is a second home to many who love the Cove.

Our mission is to create good relationships.  Our relationships with our community, our suppliers and among staff are what drives us.  Second is our fresh made in house food.  Third is a unique selection of craft beers.  And always, creating a happy atmosphere for our guests.

In the next few years we will be transitioning to a new building – but one that retains the spirit and affection generated by years of welcome in the old building.

It is a pleasure to serve you and we look forward to your next visit


Our Community

Deep Cove

Nestled between the mountains and the ocean, the village of Deep Cove is a destination for those who live there and those who visit – a place you never arrive at by accident. Always intentional.

Come to the Cove to hike Quarry Rock and Mount Seymour, mountain bike, kayak or paddle board, boat, swim or simply find a bench in Cates or Panorama Park to take in the surroundings. You will always be glad that you did.

Then be sure to visit The Raven, the living room of Deep Cove – known for its home made food, local craft beers and friendly service. The Raven is where quality and comfort meet – a Deep Cove tradition.


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